Want to increase your buyer business and get them preapproved in minutes instead of hours? Become an affiliate/partner with ePrequal.com today!

See the exciting new features and benefits that allow Point of Sale agents to private label ePrequal within their company or personal website.

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Affiliate/Partners Program Benefits

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ePrequal can be used by Realtors needing to get buyers quickly approved to write offers or Loan Officers who want to streamline the process of chasing borrowers and getting back to agents, down from 1-2 hours to a 5 minute online questionnaire. The results are submitted to our proprietary AUS/DU decision engine and returned with a pre-approval certificate, a financial summary, credit report, and more. It also produces the FNMA DU 3.2 loan processing file for import to Point or Encompass to quickly issue a 1003 and disclosures which can all be emailed to the processor or Loan Officer for lender upload and full approval.

You control any referrals to a particular real estate agent, lender, appraisers, painters, cleaners, etc., etc. of the customer. All in a real time environment and the results are parsed and immediately returned to the respective interested parties. ePrequal is a stand-alone service bureau, and has no direct ties to any mortgage lender(s). The homebuyer/client and results belongs to the LO/Agent.

Our just released version 2.0, has exciting new features and benefits that allows the private label affiliate to embed the service within their company website. ePrequal.com, LLC the company that brought you the revolutionary ePrequal program is offering the super simple affiliate/partnership program. The revolutionary new “1 minute home loan approval’ solution has now adopted its own customizable Affiliate/Partner program; making it easy for you to offer an Affiliate (Partner) program which is fully-functional, track-able, as well as a ‘closed-loop style’ affiliate program. The advantage to you in a ‘closed’ Affiliate program is the fact that you can offer the application on your website without any loss of traffic. In fact, we support your contact and follow-up with the ePrequal applicant by submitting the appropriate “ePrequal Summary Documentation” to you along with a timely and non-intrusive text message reminder containing the Prequalification Applicant’s specified phone number.

In fact, ePrequal doesn’t require any link be displayed. We supply the easy ePrequal interface for you to offer your clients with only a small textual line which reads; “Powered by ePrequal.com - 1 minute home loan approvals”. We encourage you to brand our ePrequal application in keeping with your websites current branding, colorations and design. The ePrequal Affiliate solution allows you to customize or ‘white-label’ the light-weight application code however you choose within your website, wherever it provides the most impact for you.

ePrequal.com will provide a ‘Two-Tiered’ web-based, permissions-based Administration Interface to simplify the internal process of providing the affiliate with an easily accessible accounting of all those who successfully submitted an ePrequal application.

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