Affiliate/Partnership Program (Benefits)

Affiliate Benefits

Affiliate/Partners Program Benefits

Affiliate Type Benefits

Never before has an Affiliate Program offered so much and expected so little in return.

Lead Generation System

After you are approved for our affiliate program, you will capture through your web site home buyers who wish to be preapproved! With proper Pay Per Click marketing and organic web crawler design your web site increases its value to you as a lead generation machine.

Professional Resource

Prior to ePrequal, 4-5 million home buyer customers went through a tedious and sometimes lengthy prequalification process between needing tedious back-and-forth communications between real estate, buyer, and Loan Officer including; phone calls, faxes, pulling credit reports, signing loan applications, tracking down responses; and then sorting out to whom to provide the information once it’s finally sent to the consumer. With the technological advances ePrequal is offering, your website visitors will be afforded a secure, simple and extremely fast (usually about 1 minute) comprehensive home loan prequalification report, credit report (optional) and financial summary. Each part will be emailed immediately to the interested party.

Marketing Media and Graphics

Additional web site signage, banners and ePrequal company assets are made available for your use as necessary.

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