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ePrequal is a home buying planning tool and loan approval time savings system. It turns a previously cumbersome, hours long process, into a 5 minute online anonymous dialogue between user and the automated underwriting system. Developed by industry experts for today's fast paced e-commerce real estate and lending environment. It was developed for use by home buyers and closing agents (realtors, loan officers, attorneys, financial advisors, etc.) to be quickly pre-approved and have a "plan" on how to get to closing, and what to expect when they get there. Simply put; "It's a green light and a gateway to who, what, where, when, and how much. It's a map to closing."

ePrequal is an interactive question and answer service, which gives clients quick answers when considering mortgage options and real estate closing services. "It's like having immediate access to an experienced loan officer, an underwriter, and a full menu of closing services at your fingertips". The agent and consumer are afforded an opportunity to make informed decisions early, in a low stress environment. In the agent's office, by phone, or the client may complete it themselves in their home.

Finally, no more waiting for loan anwers and no sales pressure.

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